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Retro Bags are a must have for every girl's wardrobe, a retro bag is just the kind of accessory required to finish off an outfit and turn not bad girl, into, hey! good looking girl!

Retro is cool right now, probably always will be and as bags are always cool then that makes double cool! erm, that was pretty cornie but you get my drift.

Retro Bags are all over the shops and the online sellers, well perhaps not all over but it is possible to find some good ones - your mission is to find a great bag at a great price.

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The World of Retro Bags

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Just What is a Retro Bag?

Well technically, and I'm a technical person when it comes to the important things

...a retro bag would be one that exhibits ... fashion, design, or style reminiscent of things past.

Probably only from the last couple of generations.

Some people say that the actual bag should be actually old too, personally I would think that just being retro style is enough.

True Vintage - Retro Bag - of course if you have time to trawl all the second hand shops you might come up with something, although generally most of the decent bags have already been found by the dealers.

So you want an Old Bag?

The best thing is to go direct to a vintage bag dealer, they will always have a stock of retro bags

... so the journey won't be a waste ... although sadly retro bag dealers are few and far between, so i guess even if you are actually planning to visit in person then a bit of research online first will not go amiss.

Tip: often regular antique dealers have retro and vintage bags and what is even better is that they are often somewhat clueless ...

I'll rephrase that to totally clueless as to the value of what they have ... so if you get in early then you could be in luck.

New Bags - Retro Style - I've found that most of the fashion retailers, both online and in the hight street have a range of bags at the moment, including quite a few retro style bags at what seems to me to be give away prices - thank goodness for competition!!

Retro Designer Style - most designer have at least one finger in the retro pie, so this seasons collections will always have something retro looking, but at brand new designer prices!!


More Retro & Retro Bags

Retro Bags and Night's Out

Of course if you have a decent retro bag hanging off your arm when you go out, I can guarantee that you'll have a top quality bloke dangling from it by the end of the evening ...

... sadly i'm only joking about that, I'm not actually making a guarantee, although of couse when you're looking good who knows what will happen - who needs men anyway!!!

I digress, the truth is - Evening bag, office bag, day out bag, cool funky bag, pulling bag, whatever bag you want - then there's a suitable retro one just waiting for you.

styles of retro bag from paris

I'd rather go for something genuinely old or at least a copy from one of the high street type stores.

selection of cool retro bags


Out and About in Style

So anyway retro bag or modern bag, here's wishing you good times while you're out and about, happy hunting - wink, wink.

I know that a well chosen bag is practically the perfect accessory, so get to it and good luck!!

happy bag hunting ... Jeremy xxx